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This is what I’m going to talk about today! Yes, paper. What’s so special about paper that it’s a hot topic? To be honest, we use paper almost every day for our work as well as our studies, from the most important things such as presentations to a trifle to-do-list. Do you actually know that there are different types of papers used for different tasks? PaperOne has 3 different ranges of paper, PaperOne™ All Purpose, PaperOne™ Copier and PaperOne™ Digital. PaperOne™ All Purpose is used for home and office printing, best for presentations, newsletters, proposal copies, and memos.. PaperOne™ Copier is perfect for high speed and high volume copy and PaperOne™ Digital is designed for color digital printing, recommended for portfolios, design works, school projects and so on. Well, there’s no harm in using wrong paper, but with the efficient use of the right paper, work is a lot easier!

It’s not fun to use the wrong paper!

It’s hard to learn through boring sentences I know, so PaperOne has come out with a new app, The PaperMaster. The PaperMaster is a fun game which educates people about paper and on how and when to use the right type of paper for the right occasionb. It’s available on the App Store/Play Store anyway; I’ll show you how fun is it!

Download “The PaperMaster” if you haven’t!

First, you have to read through the paper tips to earn extra resources for the game. Then it’s tapping time! 

Tap on the bugs to prevent them from reaching the Acacia tree that produces paper. And also don’t forget to add nutrients for the tree! :D
The bigger the tree, the more resources you will receive for the next session!

Then it’s office challenge time!

In this game, you’ll get to learn how to use the right type of paper for different tasks. There is a “paper tips” button for you, use and learn from it! 

Your task is to help your colleagues to get the right paper back to the printer then back to them again. For each task you have done you will earn the points. Trust me, it’s really exciting and addictive!

There are different tasks for the printing such as project briefs, progress reports, internal posters and so on. The game will become harder and harder in the upcoming levels. 

In conjunction with the new game, PaperOne is giving away an iPhone 5s! The first 1,000 downloads stand a chance to win it! The grand winner will get to win an Epson Printer!

Download the game “The PaperMaster” from App Store/Play Store now!

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  1. The game is very good, user friendly, besides the game Gardenscapes MOD APK is also the game that I have been waiting for so long.