Longchamp, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Perhaps most of you are familiar with the French luxury brand, Longchamp. First came to our mind definitely the classic bag design, Le Pliage. Today, Longchamp has now opened its exclusive store in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur and it's the largest store in Malaysia. The store design has carried the latest design concept of its brand, together with the historic heritage of Cassegrain family, who owned this brand. 

(Photo credit: Longchamp Malaysia)
The largest store in Malaysia with 1500sq ft
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Longchamp was founded in 1948 and it was created by Jean Cassegrain.Surprisingly, Longchamp is still owned and managed by the Cassegrain family, what a big family business! Initially, Longchamp was specializes in leather-covered pipes, later expanded into small leather goods in 1955, and 1970s the company covered luggages and handbags. Also, the famous Le Pliage®, was launched in 1993 and it's the world's best selling bag with more than 26 million sold to date. Also, the Le Pliage® Cuir, has reach €454 million in 2012. 

The interior design of the Longchamp store emphasize on neutral light and color, using natural and reflective materials, based on the design of the craftsmanship, such as bamboo patterns of the Roseau line and the LM design feature, display the heritage and its iconic collections.

(Photo credit: Longchamp Malaysia) 
The ambiance is soft and relaxing while patrons can have a good time shopping around the store.

(Photo credit: Longchamp Malaysia)
Part of the corner showcasing Longchamp bags. 

Also, Longchamp collection of Women's Pret a Porter (RTW) and shoes are also launch in Pavilion store, which is the first one in Malaysia. So now fans of Longchamp also get to enjoy and experience Ready-To-Wear and shoes collections yourselves! They're expanding men's collection soon as well!

 AW 2013 collection 

AW 2013 collection 

We, bloggers get to choose our own Longchamp bags! So excited! 

 Le Pliage Cuir line which made of leather,
with vibrant colors.
Love this collections!

 Another unique collection, Le Pliage Patch Exotic
I kind of like this collection because of its unique collage design which creates a 3D pattern.

Limited edition, Le Pliage Plumes
The use of moleskin to create the soft graphic design. 
Isn't it so unique compared with the classic one?

Here comes the most interesting part! In conjunction with the new exclusive store, Longchamp is offering its personalization services, Sur Mesure, for a limited time which is November 2013. Sur Mesure service offers the customization for you, which means you can create your own Le Pliage with a selection of colors, sizes and shapes according to your preference. Previously, it was offered for certain countries only, but now Malaysian also can enjoy this benefit! You can experience and choose your own Le Pliage at the new exclusive Pavilion store. 

It's for limited time only! (November 2013)

The white and silver combination! 
I kinda like it! 

Photo session with bloggers! X)

Babe Karen 

 Princess Nana

 Pretty Careen 

 Pretty Amy

Shirley, thanks for the invites! :D

Thank you Longchamp Malaysia!

So wonder which Longchamp bag I go for?

 Not to mention, the staffs are lovely and friendly!

 It's Le Pliage Cuir in red! 

I always wanted to get a Longchamp bag for traveling, but there're so many to choose from! This time, finally I picked myself a large Le Pliage Cuir bag, comes with shoulder strap, the reason is it is leather skin and it's durable, I can put as many things as I can! I can now carry it with me while traveling, so happy! 

yay! My first Longchamp bag! :D

Lastly, an ootd picture as usual.

 Yellow blazer from bkk
Top from Chiqfliq
Zara shorts
Heels from bkk

Love the bareback of the top, and it's good in quality!

Thank you Longchamp Malaysia! :D

Check out Longchamp website for more information.


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  1. Hi, blog walking here :)

    I'm not a lady but I think the nicest of all is the Le Pliage Patch Exotic. Looks very... erm, exotic? LOL.

    Happy weekend!

  2. Armstrong - yes it looks unique and nice!

  3. Would you know how much the LM Metal in Medium and the Le Pliage in large cost? :)