Ford Fiesta Launch x Birthday Invasion 2013

It was a great weekend I would say! Attended Ford Fiesta Launch a.k.a. Birthday Invasion 2013, the collaboration was awesome! Firstly, Ford has picked a right partner as the new Ford Fiesta model has met the new trend and its stylish design just fit into current lifestyle, which is cool yet eco-friendly. Also, Hitzfm brought the excitement to the community of Ford Fiesta, created a socially-connected lifestyle! This cool event was hold at the Taylor's Lakeside Campus, which is really an awesome campus, they have everything, nice restaurants, great facilities, blah blah blah. How I wish I have a campus like this! Then I think I would stay at campus everyday, haha!

Picture with the new model of Ford Fiesta.
Yang Baobei, Bobo, yours truly and models

Delightful dinner was served before the party started. I could see the crowd already and many people were standing in front of stage waiting for those performers. Did you know that who's the performers on that night?

 Savoury food was served, the food is really great although the portion is small. 
I heard it might be the hardwork by Taylor's students, 
if it's true I give em a like!

 Pretty blogger, bobo
She looks really young and slim!

 5 of Ford Fiesta Movement faces

Ford Fiesta cars are everywhere around the campus with models posting around. Birthday Invasion Concert 2013 was really great! Not to mention DJs from hitz fm, Ean, Natalie, Jinnyboy, Ryan and RD were there to be the announcers, is my favorite fm, I listen to it all the time when I am driving. And of course, those performers really gave me a heart attack! I didn't even know there are so many talented Malaysian acts till that day! There are K-town Clan, Estranged, James Baum, They Will Kill Us All, Da Vagabonds, Joe Flizzow, Mizz Nina, and Pop Shuvit&Project EAR. Chester See, the famous YouTuber was invited to perform as well! Thanks to Nuffnang, we get to enter the backstage and watch the awesome performances at closest distance.

K-town Clan 
local music acts
They are really great and to be honest,
I didn't know that Party animal was sang by em before that!

The one that really caught my breath was the Linger sang by ESTRANGED. I love this song so much and I personally think that they really nailed it well, didn't even know that it's by local band. Aww! Here is their Youtube song. Love it!

And also James Baum, I love his song All You Got!

Didn't manage to catch the star turn of the night, which is Chester See's show, but overall it was an awesome party. Perhaps another event like this again? 

The new Ford Fiesta emphasizes on cool and smart features such as push-button start and Ford SYNC, at the same time it is eco-friendly that still provides incredible performance and quality. It comes with vibrant color choices at a competitive price.

Check out the latest Ford Fiesta now!

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