I Found Fame 2013 Shooting x Giveaway Result

I had a fun shooting with Penang First Avenue Mall two weeks ago.Have been selected as one of the winners of I Found Fame 2013 for First Avenue Mall's 2014 Calendar, this was the second time got selected and fortunately, this time I am free for em as the shooting period last year I was at Europe. I feel lucky to be part of this shooting as the theme of this year is completely different from the past years, each of everyone has their own theme and more fashionable. 

 Happy that I met the fashionista, Tess Lively during the shooting. 
She is very friendly, not as cool as I thought! XDD

The ceremony of prize presentation

 Group photo of I Found Fame 2013

yours truly for Hush Puppies 

Guess what, Penang First Avenue Mall has launched their first mobile app for smart phone users! Download 1st Avenue’s mobile app now to get instant updates of exclusive freebies and great discounts!

Show the app & get a Starbucks Buy 1 Free 1 beverage voucher!! 

For Android user: http://goo.gl/5Ahoj
For iPhone user: http://goo.gl/Fn6o1

For more info: http://on.fb.me/ZioZvH

For more information, please visit their page https://www.facebook.com/1stavenuemallpenang


Time to announce the two winners of Elianto Giveaway!  

Congratulations to Amandaccy and BabyB! You're the winners of the giveaway of Elianto Lumino White Series and Amazing White CC Cream! 

To Amanda, I understand your feeling and I hope your mom like the present! Do share it out if you have a blog! :D

To BabyB, I hope the Amazing Whitw CC Cream will help your skin problem and do share with us if you have a blog! ;)

To others pretty babes who have been participated in this contest, don't be disappointed as I know you girls have a great skin! I think that you girls deserve a better treatment and do maintain it! I would love to hear your sharing tips! *love*


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