How to Style with Accessories

If you have been following my blog for quite sometime, you should noticed that I love white outfit and most of the time I wear white, or black. Unless the outfit is special and unique enough, don't you think that it would be kinda dull and mundane if the whole outfit is either all black or all white? So, accessories would be your bonus when it comes to styling. 

Look #1 Style with Diva blush filigree & stone ring and blush earrings

Personally think that the ring is an add-on on this outfit
The whole look becomes more stylish.

Look #2 Style with Diva feature necklace and blush earrings

To be honest, I like the necklace very much! 
I like how it matches with my style, shows feminine and classy.
I rarely wear big necklace but I like how it matches with my plain outfit. 

Look #3 Style with Diva blush bangle pack

 Love the bangle pack, every piece is so pretty especially the heart shaped one! 
Can wear it separately as well.

Look #4 Style with Diva pearl hairband

 Pearl is not necessary meant for cute, but also for fashionista!


Styling becomes a fun thing when it comes to mix & match with different kind of accessories. With interesting accessories, the whole style becomes more fashionable and varied. Diva stores offer wide variety of accessories for accessories lovers to choose from. So why not head over to Diva store and grab your accessories?

Diva is available in :

  • Mid Valley Megamall  • Pavilion Kuala Lumpur   • 1 Utama New Wing  • Pavilion Kuala Lumpur 
  • Sunway Pyramid  • Empire Shopping Gallery  • Paradigm Mall  •The Curve  • Fahrenheit 88  • AEON Bukit Tinggi    


What's your opinion?