Valentine's 2012

Before I start my new post in June, would like to blog about my Valentine's in 2012. I know this post should be posted in February long time ago. ;( As I mentioned, I've been too busy for my jobs as well as study. And finally! I'm going abroad tomorrow! Yes, it's tomorrow, I haven't pack, haven't prepare my neccesities, haven't exchange money, havne't done with my group assignments, haven't done with my researches! My god, I swear these days I am being a superwoman, I need more Chenelles to assist me!

May has been a hectic month for me, and I will be back in Malaysia in June, so please stay tune for my new posts! I'd swear you wouldn't want to miss it! Btw, you can follow my instagram for daily updates! <3

My 2012 Valentine was quite unique for me, the first time celebrating with another three couples at once. Had our candle light dinner at a restaurant, teeq.

My outfit of the day

A lil surprise for him. <3

Last picture before I end this post ;)

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