My Birthday 2012


I've been abandoned my blog for two months! So guilty! My blog design is finally up! Big thanks to kim who was helping me with the design and I love it so much! And my sponsor, Tricky Host who was helping me all the time and solved all my problems! Please visit the website, they offer a very good deal for your website. ;)

And second is my part-time jobs. In March and April, I've accpeted quite number of free lance jobs, including tv commercial, model photoshoots, events and so on. To be honest, these are the first time I earn so much even though I am still a student. And of course, I've learned  a lot of things from my jobs, meeting different people.

Back to my topic, I talk too much! A lot of things still want to share out, now it's time for my January birthday's update. Haha! Yeah it's January! ;p

On my birthday eve, boyfriend brought me to Batu Ferringhi for dinner.

If I am not mistaken, it was ferringhi garden restaurant.

Fireworks surprise after dinner. <3

Outfit of my birthday, celebrated with bunch of friends at delicious cafe.


Thanks to Danson, who was helping me with the balloon decoration, love it! 

girls <3

 Pretty girls <3

 My Anffi girl <3

My birthday cake ;)

 My hair haha!

 Group pic <3

Yc's gf! XD

That's all for my birthday! And Siri wished me too! ;)

Thanks for all the pressies! Love it so much and love all my friends! ;))

Stay tune for next update! 

What's your opinion?

  1. Whoah, Tv commercial and modelling? Tats predictable for a pretty gal like u, especially ur flawless skin!!!!

  2. [Everlyn] super late reply! haha! I am just doing part time job. your height allows you to do so! ;)