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If I am not mistaken, this was my fifth time attending Panasonic Beauty Workshop, in conjunction with their newly launched products, I am always excited for their launching products, as I get to try out all of them and share it with you guys! So can you guys guess what are the products this time from my first photo? Alright, the hint is obvious so I am just gonna tell you, this styling brush iron is one of the newly launched products. Besides, there are two other new products which associate with face.

Panasonic Beauty Malaysia always understands what women need, and they want Malaysian women to embrace and maintain their beauty. "MAKE BEAUTIFUL HAPPEN", Panasonic Beauty Malaysia creates a beautiful environment by spreading the joy of making oneself beautiful.

The newly launched products are 2 Face Care models and 1 Hair Care model.

1. Micro Foaming Cleansing Device, EH-SC50, RM499
2. Ionic Cleansing and Toning Device, EH-ST50, RM599
3. Styling Brush Iron, EH-HT40, RM199

We were told to put light make-up on to the event because we gonna use their products. Yes, it's hands-on session!

Used for deep cleansing and purifying pores without irritation. It can also used for removing make-up

Removing make-up: Press WARM button and select Low/High, apply makeup remover on the face, then glide the makeup removal warm head from inside out to blend make-up with the remover. When make-up blends with the remover, rinse or wipe off the dirt. 

Brush and Foam Cleansing: Add foaming cleanser through the inlet, pour approximately 4ml of water into the center of attachment cavity later on. Press WASH button to generate micro-foam. Then, spread the foam around the face to slowly cleanse it. Rinse off the foam after that. You can use the device for foam cleansing only if you change the brush head to foam attachment.

To wash the Micro Foaming Cleansing Device, you just need to pour water and rinse the device's head.

Switching positive/negative current generates an ionic wave to loosen impurities and transfer them to cotton. Allowing moisturizing ingredients to deeply penetrate into the skin and also provide warm rhythmic massage.

Cleanse: Attach a cotton pad to the head, let it absorb the lotion. Press SELECT button, select CLEANSE mode and set the ION LEVEL. Select TEMP (low/high), gently glide it on the face. 

Moisturize: Same thing like the Cleanse, but this time select MOISTURIZE mode, then choose the temperature.

Warm Rhythmic Massage: You can also use it for warm and gentle massage, select MASSAGE mode and set ION LEVEL, then TEMP to either high or low. Gently move it to lift the entire face.

We are done with the face, hair-do time!

Use it for creating large curls and volume, it's easy to use and only have 2 temperature settings.

Visit their website for more information.

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