Into the Blackwood Coffee and Chocolate

Even though Halloween has passed a while ago, I still want to share this amazing cafe with you. Ahem, I shall not let my procrastination defeats me! Most of you might not know that my hometown is Sungai Petani, a small town where the place is full of joy and love. I love this small town because I grew up here, family and friends are here, everything is so simple here. Hence I keep my habit of coming home once a month, the journey isn't long, at least still within Peninsular Malaysia HAHA! One of the routine activities that I will always do, is to have plenty of gatherings with my friends and family! That's the activity that people do the most when they're back to hometown. And so, I have found a cozy and nice cafe that I really fond of, Blackwood Coffee and Chocolate.

Blackwood has 8 branches currently in Northern Malaysia, lately they just opened a new branch in Pearl City Mall, Tambun Penang. Their specialties are not only making aromatic coffee, they serve good food too. I love how they put effort in decorating the cafe to greet different celebrations, definitely a thumb up. I remember Blackwood is always our first choice of gathering location Haha!

Other than that, I love their signature lamb shank, which is also chef's recommendation. By the way, I like their Oreo crepe cake! Menu is provided on their website, you may have a look before visiting the cafe.

Signature Popcorn Latte and Toasted Marshmallow

Blackwood Coffee and Chocolate

No 35, Tingkat 2 Lengkok Cempaka 2,
Bandar Amanjaya 08000,
Sungai Petani, Kedah.
Office hour: 10 am to 7pm

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