Sephora Malaysia Goes Online, Yay!

Would you rather spending your time on the sofa, browsing through your favourite sites and hunting for variety brands of beauty products, or having to spend the time in the store, queuing to purchase? I wouldn't say I dislike the latter one, but occasionally of course I would prefer sitting on my favourite spot, adding beauty products into cart easily without having to step out of the house. I reckon you've already know what I am gonna talk about regarding the title, YES! I am glad that Sephora Malaysia finally goes online! For those who do not know, Luxola has been rebranded to

Surely I am overjoyed about this great news, imagine we do not have to step out of house to purchase beauty products anymore? And the convenience of checking the price on the site, also the information of the beauty products can be easily found on Sephora Malaysia. I've already gotten myself some of the products from the site!

My top favourites among the products' haul would be Brushes from Sephora Collection, Marc Jacobs Beauty, as well as Mirenesse.

Felt flattered when I noticed the brushes have my name engraved on it. I've been longing to have professional brushes after watching make-up tutorials of my favourite You-Tubers, as I reckon it's very important to have different brushes for different areas of make-up. The synthetic material allows the liquids or creams to glide on more smoothly.

Top to bottom (Sephora Collection)
Ultra Liquid Foundation #83
Pro Brush Angled Blush #75
Pro Brush Med Shadow #14
Pro Winged Liner #37

MJB Shameless Bold Blush - 202 naughty

First thing from Marc Jacobs Beauty that got me attracted would be the adorable little packaging, with the light yet naughty colour that I've always wanted to try on. 

MJB Magic Marc'er Precision Pen Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner - brown

My current-everyday-use as it really lasts all-day and no-transfer. I like how fine the eyeliner and I can draw the shape of my eyeliner easily. 

MJB Kiss Pop Lipstick - 616 color smack 

You can tell the colour is very intense and moist from the first photo. Fancy of the unique lipstick design too! 

Mirenesse Secret Weapon 24 Hr Supreme Mascara 

Since I am not really into falsie, this Mirenesse Seacret Weapon 24 Hr Supreme Mascara definitely does its work! With the smudge-proof and water-resistant features, I am not going to say no to it right? 

Mirenesse Forbidden Ink Auto Lip Liner Duet - 9. crazy coco

Apart from the mascara, I personally like the auto lip liner too. It does not make the lip dry out like other lip liners. 

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