A Scent of Spring, Penhaligon's Ostara

When I first saw Penhaligon's fragrance, the exquisite craftsmanship and quality by glass make me think of the the fragrance used by noble ones. Even the box of the fragrance also detailed in design. Ostara is a new fragrance inspired by daffodil, a solar floral which associates with sun, a delicate and incandescent flower. When you heard of daffodil, you know it's all about spring, flowers, sun, etc..

During the launch of Ostara, we had the opportunity to make flower arrangement ourselves. Beautiful flowers prepared by the expert, Zenny. I can sense the joy of spring!

 Us with our own DIY bouquets. 

By William Wordsworth (1802),
Beside the lake, beneath the trees, 
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze. 
And then my heart with pleasure fills, 
And dances with the daffodils.

He create his poem on the outer packaging of Ostara to reflect the radiance of daffodil.

Top Notes: Clementine, Bergamot, Red Berries CO2, Juniper, Spearmint, Blackcurrant Bud CO2, Violet Leaf Absolute, Leafy Effects, Aldehydes

Heart Notes: Hyacinth, Narcissus Absolute, Beeswax Absolute, Cyclamen, Ylang Ylang, Hawthorn, Wisteria

Base Notes: Styrax Resinoid, Vanilla, Benzoin, Musk, Amber, White Wood Effects

Ostara remains the English finest ingredients with the noble scent of it. I love how they included art and elegance in making of Penhaligon's fragrance.

Penhaligon's Ostara is selling at RM530 (50ml) and RM750 (100ml).

For more information, visit www.penhaligons.com.

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