High Tea at Thirty8, Grand Hyatt Hotel, KL

I think everyone has dilemma when it comes to choosing a place for high tea, most of the people like to explore a good high tea place because of pictures..upload to Instagram! Haha! Usually I will get attracted by those pictures of pretty food or unique interior designs of the restaurant. However... some of the restaurants had actually disappointed me to be honest. Attracting food, but the taste is uh-uh! Earlier in January, I found a new high tea spot from other blogger friend's blog and decided to pay a visit! Yes, it was January, I know I know... Late better than nothing right? Haha! The high tea spot is Thirty8, which is located at Grand Hyatt Hotel, kl. Since my friend was coming from hometown, and she loves dessert! So, we gave it a try! 

Being girls, selca in restroom
yours truly, Karmen, Wei Wern

It was kind of easy to reach the hotel, but we took three rounds only able to get into it because I missed the turn. The front desk was helpful, they led us to the lift and showed us the way to the restaurant. Thirty8 is located at 38th floor just like its name, it has the best 360-degree view of kl city. Thirty8 serves various fusion of cuisine, so it's suitable for those people who can't decide what to eat or those who have different preference among gangs.

Spectacular view facing KLCC 

White wine, Mojito, sparkling water 

Luckily we did research before visiting the restaurant, so we were able to select our choices right away. Thirty8's menu actually provided on their website, I will provide the link at the end of the post. :)

Live band in the restaurant
I like all those oldish songs they sing!

Dessert is served!

 Their signature dessert, THIRTY8 Signature Cake.

 The server is pouring the caramel sauce on the top of the cake, 
and the cake starts melting.
omg, I am blogging this in the middle of the night, I want it now!!!

 Look at the melting cake and the dry ice fogged up around, does it looks tempting enough?
I personally like this dessert because I like the caramelized banana ice cream! 
It would be over sweetness if you ask me to have it all, so it's better to have some girls around share with you!
For those who have sweet tooth, I would highly recommend this dessert! 

 Second famous dessert, Straight from the oven chocolate cake, raspberry sorbet, vanilla anglaise

 Can you see the chocolate inside mix with the vanilla anglaise?
This is definitely another recommended dessert from their restaurant. 

 Third dessert, Lemon and cheese flan, graham cracker, caramel sauce.

I personally like this dessert because it is lighter than those previous desserts, 
less sweeter and sourish dessert.
But it's definitely less favourable if has to compete with the two famous desserts.

Though Grand Hyatt Hotel is a five-star hotel in Malaysia, the dessert at Thirty8 surprisingly has lower prices, those desserts I ordered are between the range of RM18-25, they even have the price list uploaded on their web page too.

Picture time! 
Babe Karmen 


 Before going off, another picture in front of the view facing KLCC
The night view looks more stunning and amazing!

 Mama wannabe with two little girls! XDD

 They have the amazing staircase in the hotel.

I would suggest you to visit their website for more information as it's very detailed.

Thirty8, Grand Hyatt Hotel
 12 Jalan Pinang 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2182-1234

Hours (THIRTY8 Restaurant and Lounge):
Daily, 6:00am – 11:00pm
Hours (THIRTY8 Wine Bar):
Sunday to Thursday, 12:00pm to 12:00am
Friday and Saturday, 12:00pm to 1:00am


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  1. Awhh, u make me starving for dessert!! :D

  2. Staring at all those desserts really makes me feel hungry even though I just ate. Lol. You look gorgeous by the way!

    xx Mandy

  3. so cute la your friends :D I love your dress by the way. I'm reading this in the middle of the night too, so...hungry :P

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  4. Charlene Wong - haha! try it out and you won't regret! :D

  5. Mandy Ooi - Haha! the desserts are really good! thanks sweetie! <3

  6. Fish - It's jumpsuit hehe! yeah right? should read it in the morning! XD

  7. Wow very nice atmosphere there!

    The grandstaircase is so grand!