Patisserie Tony Wong, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Back to my Hong Kong trip, had a chance to visit one of the best pâtisserie in Hong Kong, Patisserie Tony Wong which is located at Wan Chai, Hong Kong. There are two brunches in hk, another one is in Kowloon City. Thanks to Sharon Bee's lovely update, I knew this pâtisserie from her blog! If you never heard this pâtisserie before, I bet you'll love it too after my post! 

Tony Wong is the one who opened this
pâtisserie, he believes that using finest ingredients and please attention wholeheartedly is the most important in pastry-making. 

The first thing that caught my attention, of course is their signature rose cake. At first I saw the giant gateau, like a normal cake size, I was like, "oh no, how am I gonna finish it?" Only my boyfriend came with me. Luckily as I glanced around the pastry, I found the mini one. However, there were only two flavours available, I googled their website and there are actualy 6 flavours in total of the rose cake. 

Not sure of another brunch, but there are pink rose and chocolate rose  available on that day.

Because my boyfriend didn't want to share with me, so I ordered girl's favourite color, mini pink rose

 Can you believe that it's a cake?
It's so real and beautiful! And it's edible of course.

Can't stop taking pictures, even the shop girl also look at me.
Can't blame I am a tourist. :p

 The girl knew it's my first time visitting, so she taught me how to eat the rose cake.
Have to take off the petal of the cake and inside is the main point.
Each petal is made of white chocolate, it's not sugar, so it's super yummy except you have to drink water if you want to finish the whole cake.

Look at inside, it has many fillings like strawberries, cream, sponge cake. 
Surely it's awesome! 
Aww! I feel like getting one now. XDDD

My boyfriend doesn't like sweet thing, somehow he actually attracted by those pretty desserts too, and ordered a special one.

 Ruby Diamond
A new item from their pâtisserie
 It caught my attention too, beautiful like a real ruby diamond.
I was reluctant to eat it at first.

Inside the ruby diamond, there are filling of chocolate cake and hazelnut cream.
With the caramelized hazelnut and almond sugar crust, it won't be too sweet. 
Thumbs up!

  Somehow I don't really like the location, no nice view for us to see when we are enjoying the dessert.
And there are limited seats, 2 or 3 seats only available. 
Hoever, it is near to MRT station. 

 Outfit of the day
One-piece black leather dress from bkk
Boots from Nakedkimchi

Pâtisserie Tony Wong
399 G/F., Lockhart Road, Golden Jubilee,
Wai Chai, Hong Kong.
 Tel: 2575-8993

Opening Hour: 
Mon - Sun 11:00 am - 21:00 pm 


What's your opinion?

  1. that rose cake thingy is unreal!

  2. The desserts are so special!!

  3. How DARLING! I totally want to visit Hong Kong now :D :D :D

  4. KY - Unreal like it seems too resplendent? XDD

  5. Mandy Ooi - it is! you should pay a visit if you travel to hk! ;)

  6. hanabisky - you really should try this out I'm sure you will back for this for the second time! X)

  7. Sharon Bee - I also miss hk so much! thanks for the recommendation babe! <3 xo

  8. one small cake for 113? looks yummy! do u mind to share ur itinerary?love ur blog <3

  9. 伊娃 - yes, but it's definitely worth the price! alright, will share more on coming posts, stay tune girl ;)