Pets Need Us

Last week, went to Ampang SPCA to do the voluntary works with my groupmates. This was my very first time, always wanted to join and here I am! :D




I was actually quite amazed of the amount of the abandoned dogs. How many of you can stand the cuteness of em?







During this project, we cleaned the cages and fed them, including cleaning all the poo. I know many of you may quite surprised that I’ve done these but don’t you remember, I have got many beloved doggies over my hometown! So I am fine with it. ;) There was an aunty handling all of them at once when there is no volunteer, the greatness of her willing to do all these non-profit jobs because she loves them, we should learn from her. :)




My group members




Everyday, they have to provide huge portion of meals for the dogs. Their food are leftover rice, meat and dog foods which sponsored by kind-hearted person.








Look at them? How excited when they smell the food is coming. Haha!



But, I saw some of them are not really interested in food. They looked very grief. Just like telling me they don’t wish to be here, wish to have a home, instead of the cage. I could sensed their feelings, because I have dogs. I know their feelings.  :(



Many of them looked very unhealthy and untidy, I felt like crying when I see these two Shih-Tzus. Maomao is way too luxurious compared with them.



After 5 hours something voluntary work, we went to have the famous Ampang Yong Tau Foo. Frankly, I have never been to Ampang area before. It’s really darn far from my residence.


I kind of like my group members, they are friendly and talkative. I know I am always silent during the conversation :(



Group picture

Alvin, Benjamin, Ash, PJ and Bryan




After seeing my post, do you have the urge to do something for these lil cute ones? I don’t understand, why some people really can be so cruel that abandon these adorable doggies or maybe worse, abuse them! Which I can even stand it. I know cursing on them makes no difference, what I can only do, provide help for them, and encourage you guys to cherish them. They are our friends, not only pets!


You and I can make a change, by helping them in various ways. Volunteering is just one of the things you can do. You can also take one and adopt or donate something that you think it’s useful for them, or in a straightforward way, donate money to this organization. Check out their website for more info. :)


I know I sound like helping them make advertisement, I am just too agigated. @@ In the coming days, I will put more effort on them. Maybe more volunteering and donation. :)


Lastly, picture of those adorable dogs in SPCA.


What's your opinion?

  1. I also have a pets, I know they do not have family tragedy. I sympathize with those stray dogs. . .
    I agree with you that the dogs are our friends, not just our pets. That day I see government officials in the street to apprehend stray dogs in the street, I saw it ... I want to cry how pathetic! Tighten their neck, i felt they are breath so difficult. . =(

  2. [Bowie] - Yeah It's so cruel! We all should learn how to cherish em :(